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About TMS Academy

TMS Academy is a nonprofit with a mission to serve United States Military men and women and those looking for options other than traditional college. We offer alternatives to 4-year Universities in order to keep technical talent within the United States. TMS was formed after realizing our Service members could be more competitive in the private & public sector, a 4-year college degree is now unaffordable for most and the bulk of technical talent is being outsourced to countries other than the United States.

Today, Service members are not fully utilizing the benefits they have earned while serving the United States. Often times the process is confusing and cumbersome. TMS changes this by helping them leverage multiple channels of funding. After course completion and obtaining a technical certificate, the student will be more well-rounded in IT and have the potential to enhance their career options.

TMS Academy’s pricing when compared to a 4-year institution, is extremely competitive. For students thinking of college and who desire advanced skills or a base understanding of IT, TMS Academy is an affordable option.

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About TMS Academy
Inform, Educate, And Inspire Students To Reach Their Goals

The TMS Academy Learning Center envisions itself to be the leading technology training center by providing the highest quality exam preparation to achieve certifications in the technology industry to enhance student success.

2024 TMS ACADEMY & Career Center is a 501 (c)(3), Exam/Course Prep & Professional Development Post-Secondary Institution

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Today’s Market

Today’s businesses are run utilizing technology. When most think of IT, they default to thinking of someone behind a keyboard or programming. Regardless of the position within an organization, today’s business leader and worker must understand technology and how it can be leveraged to make or save money. Having a technical understanding of Cloud, Cyber Security, Networking, etc. is more important than ever. After engaging with TMS, the student should have a much better understanding of technology in the workforce and how it can be utilized to today’s constantly changing times. Having this understanding, will increase their chances of landing their dream job and earning an aggressive wage.

If there is interest in a job specific to Finance, Marketing, Sales, Accounting or Advertising, technology plays a big part of it. Having a military background coupled with a foundational understanding of IT and how it impacts the business, makes the student more valuable to the organization. Businesses today purchase technology for two reasons, to make money and to save money. Having an understanding of IT brings credibility to the candidate along with enhances their overall value to the business. Today’s work world is competitive, TMS students set themselves apart from the thousands of resumes sent to employers weekly.

Enhanced Certification Classes and Testing

In the tech sector, organizations care more about what certifications an employee holds more so than where they went to college. Ultimately, the more certifications that are held, the more pay and job options. If an existing student already holds certifications, why not enhance their career options and pay with additional certifications? Many of TMS Academy’s students obtain certifications and then reenroll with the intention of acquiring, certifications based on job requirements. Secondly, technology changes rapidly. What was once a cutting-edge technology today, becomes obsolete quickly. Certifications provides options for those that are already in the technology field today.

High School and those not in the US Military

The traditional 4-year college in America has become unaffordable for most. Secondly, if the student is interested in IT or wants a fundamental understanding of IT, what value does a 4-year University provide? Other than taking on significant debt, enrolling in classes that are not relevant, schedules that are inflexible, TMS is an alternative. Most importantly, TMS Academy gives potential students who do not want to attend a 4-year college an alternative without assuming enormous amounts of debt.

How TMS works

TMS provides IT certification training that can be completed online, in person or in a hybrid format with one of our Professors. The curriculum is self-paced with the student having 12 months to complete the classes and take the exam. On top of training and certification preparation, TMS also offers job consulting and placement. TMS is staffed with ex-military that can walk the candidate through the funding process. If you are a High School student or want to acquire certifications, please call our office or send us an email. TMS Academy’s goal is to provide the best options, at a reasonable price, to those that want to learn and become more competitive in the today’s business world.

If you are interested in enhancing your skill set, IT/IS Exam Preparation, avoiding costs and setting yourself apart, we look forward to talking with you.


We Offer Many Ways to Learn

Our objective is to offer an alternative to traditional colleges for those who do not want to wait on a two or four-year degree. We aim to provide innovative, value-driven, and flexible training solutions that are aligned with the specific needs of individuals seeking professional development and training.

We have partnered with Meritize to provide our students with financing options to fund their education.

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