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WhatsApp Back Online After Worldwide Outage


WhatsApp users reported outages that affected users around the world. The messaging platform WhatsApp has come back online after an outage that affected users around the world. Meta, which owns WhatsApp, said the problem had been fixed but did not give a reason for the disruption. People trying to send and receive messages on WhatsApp, which has about two billion users globally, began reporting issues just before 08:00 BST. More…

The Metaverse Is On The Way: Here’s What You Need To Know


Facebook, Microsoft and a host of other companies are jockeying to define the next iteration of the internet. You’ve probably heard the hype: the metaverse is going to change the way you live.  A vision for the next step in the internet’s evolution, the metaverse refers to digital worlds in which people will gather to work, play and hang out. Some of those online spaces will be immersive 3D experiences…

Microsoft Teams Stores Auth Tokens As Cleartext


Microsoft Teams stores auth tokens as cleartext in Windows, Linux, Macs Security analysts have found a severe security vulnerability in the desktop app for Microsoft Teams that gives threat actors access to authentication tokens and accounts with multi-factor authentication (MFA) turned on. Microsoft Teams is a communication platform, included in the 365 product family, used by more than 270 million people for exchanging text messages, videoconferencing, and storing files. The newly…

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